NHS tutors help students with homework


Lauren Beh

Tutors help students before school or doing their free hour.

Anna Latourelle, Staff Writer

Whether it’s Spanish, Math, or Science, at some point, everyone has struggled in a class. Though these classes are tough, students have many resources to help them, one of the best options being the National Honor Society student tutors.

When a student decides they would like to receive help in a certain class, they contact NHS adviser Mr. Rob Epler. With over 100 students with a wide range of knowledge, it is easy to cover many different subjects and levels, “Last year I tutored in French and this year I am tutoring a student in Precalc,” senior tutor Elsa Beise said.

When students signs up for a tutor, NHS contacts a student that fits the criteria for the tutoring needed,  “Before we met I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do it but once we met and I saw the notes, it helped and we worked through it together,” senior Annie Griebie said. 

The most important part is to make sure they’re doing the problem, not you doing the problem but guiding them through it.

— Moran Bettin-Coleman

Each student has a different learning style and the tutors will accommodate meetings to the need of the students, “We go through examples or the notes that they got in class and make sure that they understand the lesson. Then we have them try these practice problems and when we meet next time we will go over these problems and then go over the next set of notes,” Beise said.

Whether the student just needs a little help with one math problem or someone different like reading over a paper to look for errors, there are resources in the library that can be utilized. The math resource center, located in the library, has someone there are all times whether it be a math teacher or a student, “When they need help if it is general homework problems, we do the problems on the board and work through it,” senior math center tutor Morgan Bettin-Coleman said. The writing center has someone there every hour to read through students’ papers as well.

All of the tutors in NHS work hard to make sure that the students they tutor understand the class material, meet the student when needed, lead them through review problems, and more. The tutors make certain that the students understand the lesson and help them through their homework, “The most important part is to make sure they’re doing the problem, not you doing the problem but guiding them through it,” Bettin-Coleman said.

Any student who needs a tutor can go to the BSM website under the Guidance Center, or can talk to their guidance counselor.