Como Zoo


Mary Youngblut

The Como Zoo has both indoor and outdoor exhibits, allowing it to host exotic animals such as Zebras yearlong.

The Como Zoo and Conservatory has been a family attraction for over 100 years. It is located on Estabrook Dr, St Paul, MN. The Como Zoo offers a large variety of animals for free.

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The Como Zoo opens at 10 am and closes at 4 pm everyday in the winter. In the summer the zoo stays open until 6 pm. The best time to come to the zoo is right when it opens. In the morning the animals are just waking up so they are very active. For instance, that is when one can hear the lions roaring. Around noon, the animals are taking naps, which makes it an inopportune time to visit.

Food at the Como Zoo allows options for everyone. There are little carts all around the zoo filled with popcorn, soda, cotton candy and ice cream. Of course they have a large “food court area” where they serve everything including burgers, noodles and Thai food. With all these options, guests are bound to find something they’ll like.

The Como Zoo has a variety of animals. They have giraffes, lions, gorillas, polar bears, tigers, wolves and more. Each section of animals have their own building. There is one building for the monkeys like the orangutans and the gorillas, another for the polar bears and another for the big cats. This allows guests to go inside during the cold weather. Each exhibit also has outside space. In the warm weather, animals can go where they please but once it gets cold out, they are only allowed to be in the indoor portion.