Harry Potter themed homecoming dress-up days announced


Ashley Ortizcazarin

Seniors Kate Janda, Claudia Elsenbast, Molly Keady, and Lizzie Ambre jump with excitement as they prepare for Homecoming Week.

Jordan Sims, Staff Writer

The theme for this year’s BSM homecoming week is Harry Potter. “We looked at the movie and the idea of how all the houses compete in the Goblet of Fire competition. We want that idea to correlate to our classes competing during Homecoming Week for points. We mostly just wanted a theme that a lot of people would enjoy and would want to participate in,” senior student council member Carston Swenson said. So BSM students should get ready to compete like Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff  in our HC week activities!


Monday: Class Color Day

Every BSM homecoming week starts out with class color day. This day allows students to distinguish between grades and compete for which class has the most spirit. Freshman will be wearing green, sophomores shining in yellow, juniors decked out in blue, and finally seniors will get to wear red. All students gather up items in your class color and create crazy and interesting outfits to support your class!


Tuesday: Wizard Day

A necessary component to a good wizard costume is a wand, the tool that exudes wizardry.  Throughout the halls of BSM spells will be chanted, with many Harry Potter look-alikes. With everyone’s take on the Harry Potter style––lightning scar, capes, hats and circular glasses–– the students will look like the crowds at the newest Harry Potter midnight premiere. Because many students may be hoping for another wizard duel with during passing time, everyone should not only prepare an impressive wizard outfit, but also practice their best spells.


Wednesday: Weasley Day

Find someone to twin with just like the popular Harry Potter characters, Fred and George Weasley!  Grab a friend to dress up in a crazy costume with, or just match in everyday clothes. If you are willing to stick with the Harry Potter theme, go all out and dress up as Fred and George. “It is fun to see what everyone dresses up as, and who they decide to twin with. Its interesting to look around a crowd and put two people together,” Swenson said.


Thursday: Quidditch Day (Jersey Day)

This is the day BSM boys wait for all week, getting to come to school and repping your favorite sports team even when it’s not gameday. No matter what sport, or team, the halls will be swarming with jerseys. Even if you don’t have a professional sports jersey, feel free to wear a BSM jersey or any other old youth sports team jersey you have around the house.


Friday: Red and White Day

A day to test to how much school spirit you really have. Mix and match all of your BSM apparel with crazy red and white accents to show how proud you are to be a Red Knight! This is the most hyped up day of the week, with the pepfest and the senior girls finally getting to rock their personalized overalls.