Enlightenment Salon hosted in BSM Library

Seniors discussed European history as their characters.

Obasi Lewis, Staff Writer

Advanced Placement European History students participated in their annual Enlightenment Salon on February 8th. In this “salon,” students dressed as 18th century influential historical intellectuals.

Every aspect of the salon is thought through, even the name. In historical context, a salon is a gathering place for intellectuals in the 18th century. In this context, it is the students who choose to take AP European History being interviewed as their character by the World History students.

AP European History students Rachael Long and Grace Kitzenberg portrayed the scholars William Shakespeare and Galileo Galilei, respectively. “My favorite part would have to be the characters. We both just went down to the prop room to pick out our costumes,” Long said.

AP European History teacher Cherie Vroman agreed with her students. “It’s a different side to the students from what I see in the classroom,” Vroman said.