Administration institutes new schedule for finals

The BSM administration has changed the schedule for finals week to give students the opportunity to meet with teachers and relieve stress.


Sisay Shannon-Tamrat

The new finals schedule will have two finals on the first day, and three on the last two days.

Alec Lawrenz, Staff Writer

Starting this semester, BSM students will be experiencing a reworked finals schedule. The schedule has gone through an overhaul in order to meet student’s needs of getting more sleep, coping with stress, and meeting one-on-one with teachers during finals preparation.

The new schedule starts with a day off on the Monday of finals week, as that day, January 18, also happens to be Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. On Tuesday, students will return to school for the last normal school day before the semester ends.

This semester however, slight changes have been made to these last three days of the week. On Wednesday, different from previous semesters when there were three finals starting at 8 a.m., this day of finals will start at 9 a.m. and will only be two periods.

According to Senior High Assistant Principal, Nicole Rasmussen, BSM is implementing this new schedule to relieve students’ stress. “We want to facilitate the opportunity for students to be able to sleep in, to get help in the morning before school––before their first two finals–– and then office hours in the afternoon to prepare, so two finals first, instead of three, giving them more time to prepare for finals.”

Finally the week will round off with two, three-period days on Thursday and Friday that will start at the normal time of 8 a.m. “If we pushed it to nine, then it would overcome the lunch hour, then kids would be hungry, and it didn’t make sense to push it back,” Rasmussen said.