Student delegates selected to be on the diversity and equity task force


Marley Rozman

Sophomore Grace Gyolai prepares to work with co-delegates, Joe Blake and Zip Kaffey, to establish major equality concerns.

Lizzie Ambre, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that BSM is constantly working to become a community of great diversity; diversity within the student body influences the way students interact and creates a better learning environment. Sophomores Grace Gyolai, Zip Kaffey, and Joe Blake are working together with a team of parents, faculty, and staff members with the goal to make the BSM community the best learning environment for students and to prepare current BSM students for the undiscovered, diverse world. “Our role in that team is to represent the students. We are sending out a survey to all students asking some basic questions in the hopes we will be able to display the worries of the student body as a whole,” sophomore and student delegate Grace Gyolai said.

After the BSM community has brought forward their concerns, the three leaders will bring the major concerns regarding equity and diversity at BSM to prevalence within the school. “After our team as a whole identifies their personal concerns at BSM, we will work with the school to find ways to solve or improve these problems,” Gyolai said.

The first meeting is on June 2; the Student Delegate leaders will come up with main concepts to base their goals on to improve the BSM community. They’ll meet up with a couple of parents and staff members; the parents and staff will come up with five goals along with Kaffey, Gyolai, and Blake. The parents and student delegates will mesh their ideas to solidify their goals. Changes to the BSM community could range from educating students to starting a new program or changing the curriculum.

It’s very important to the BSM student delegates to make a positive impact on the BSM community; “the biggest way to end bias and open the minds of unaware students is to educate them. In this generation, students have unbelievable access and connection to the outer world. We don’t have any excuses not to educate students on the current issues happening in our close community and around the world,” Gyolai said.

The student delegates strive to practice justice and work towards productivity within the BSM classrooms. “If we don’t treat people with the respect that they deserve then those people will always be left behind. If we leave people behind then we can’t really grow as whole,” Gyolai said.