Why you should skip your work out

Although exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle, taking a day off is also equally important.


Audrey Jewett

Many young athletes struggle to be the best of the best, making the idea of time off difficult to comprehend.

Mary Kate Paulison, Staff Writer

Although many feel pressured to work out daily in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this pressure is not actually necessary and this need is not actually real.

Numerous studies have shown that “overtraining” does not end in the same result that most people want. This goes for both females and males; taking a break every once in a while is the healthy route. Although high school students would argue that it is easy to fall into a trap of becoming lazy, it’s just as easy to overdo it.

Not only does taking a break allow you to relax, but it also helps your muscles to grow. While this may seem like a shocking fact, it makes complete sense when you look at the specifics. Your muscles rip and tear when lifting weights, and a day off makes time for your muscles to repair themselves.

If lifting weights doesn’t apply to you, but you’re an avid runner, you need a day off too. Runners oftentimes make efforts towards getting a run in everyday. While this can create a healthy mentality, it could be detrimental to your physical health. For instance, running too much can result in weak knees, a bad back, and an unhealthy arch in your foot. Legs are precious parts of the body; give them a break. If you’re a high school student with stressed knees and feet, you really need to consider that day off.

Aside from all of the obvious reasons that taking a break is effective, sleep is one of the major downsides of overtraining. If you ever find yourself extremely tired but can’t seem to fall asleep, you might need to think about working out less rather than self prescribing yourself to a nightly dose of Nyquil. Lastly, an appetite curve could result from working out too much; an increase in appetite will most likely result in the opposite of that fit body you’ve been trying so hard to maintain.

Whether it’s constant cramping muscles, a lack of sleep, or an abnormally increased appetites, the effects of overtraining harms students. There are many healthy alternatives to working out everyday. You’re a drained, high school student, so it’s almost inevitable that you’re not getting enough sleep on a daily basis. So don’t feel bad when you skip the gym for a long, guilt-free nap or cuddle up with a blanket and a new book every once in a while.