Last overnight retreat for BSM seniors held at Camp Ihduhapi

Camp Ihduhapi has consistently and reliably hosted BSM day retreats and overnight stays.

Lizzie Ambre, Staff Writer

The seniors at BSM had the opportunity to participate in their last overnight retreat this past weekend. “Benilde-St. Margaret’s has had senior retreats for more than 30 plus years” Mr. Stephen Schmidt, the BSM campus minister of BSM and also a teacher in the religion department, said. The senior retreat is a popular getaway for many of the seniors this year, with over 40 kids having attended.

At the senior retreat students are given the opportunity to connect with fellow students for their final months of high school. “Retreats are fun because you get to get away and with your best friends, and not worry about what other people are doing at home,” senior Ryan Appelhof said.

The seniors will leave the second semester asking themselves, how will I finish my faith?”

— BSM campus minister and theology teacher, Stephen Schmidt

There was a previous senior retreat in the fall that’s a sort of reflection on students’ personal relationship with God, and prepares seniors to think about how they’ll finish their faith. The second semester retreat focuses more on the realization of gratitude, thanksgiving and the opportunities we have as students of BSM. “The seniors will leave the second semester asking themselves, how will I finish my faith?” Schmidt said.

The goal of the senior retreat is to let BSM students spend time with the people they’ll be leaving when they go to college. “It’s really cool to hear other people’s stories; the weekend is upbeat but also mellow. There’s nothing to worry about while you’re there,” Appelhof said.

As this 2015 semester is coming to a close BSM seniors celebrated the community they’ve grown close to. “There’s always going to be the opportunity on the senior retreats for students to encounter themselves, others, and God,” Schmidt said.