Re: Dear whoever tore down my “Not One More” poster

This article is a response to “Dear whoever tore down my “Not One More” Poster” written by Online Editor-in-Chief, Molly Eldevik.

Tommy Borin and Charlie Jones

We must first state that no one should be ripping down posters, no matter what what they think about the poster. Everyone is entitled to voice their own beliefs and opinions, and while one can disagree with what others say, ripping down posters is not the way to do it. And while we can disagree with others opinions, we should not tell others that they are “not expressing a valid opinion,” and tell those who hold them to be “embarrassed.”

We acknowledge that the author was voicing her personal opinion, which she has every right to do. However, she does not have the ability to label another person’s opinion as invalid. An opinion is someone’s personal belief on a subject, meaning it cannot be invalid, because it is his/her own. This article is blatantly telling people how and what to think while simultaneously disrespecting others’ opinions.

Also telling someone they should be “embarrassed” of their opinion is a behavior that is not befitting of an opinions writer. An opinion is of inherent value to the individual, it is not something to be embarrassed of, but rather fought for. We understand that the ripping down of the poster was not a good way to express one’s opinion. However, people are entitled to different opinions and should be allowed to express them. What is not justified is calling someone an embarrassment for his/her beliefs and deeming opinions invalid based on the fact that Ms. Eldevik does not agree with them. This is a real debate in our country, with two arguable sides. The way to solve it and move past it is to have solid dialogue, not to call someone else’s opinion embarrassing.