Beat your winter blues


Marley Rozman

BSM student Lily Effertz attempts to beat her winter blues with a cozy blanket and warm cup of tea.

Mary Kate Paulison, Staff Writer

Winter snuck up on all of us. Temperature is not the only thing that changes with the seasons; it is a notorious time for weight gain.

There are many different outdoor activities that are offered in the winter, but the freezing temperature turn many people off from participating in these. In fact, it causes most people to resort to one desire—locking the doors and snuggling up in a cozy blanket.

Yet, you can find many alterations that helps you, both, stay in shape and avoid frostbite. Getting a gym membership and using it often make it easy to be active regardless of extreme weather conditions. With this being said, there are also a number of gyms that offer free memberships.

If you don’t like the idea of running on treadmills or lifting weights, you also have the option to just get out of the house and walk around; this can even be done by simply going to the mall, or anything to get those legs moving. All in all, there are, or for all ages, genders, and fitness level.

Often times, there are events that counteract the physical activity in the daily life of high school students. For example, coming home from a long day of school leaves students with lack of motivation and desire to be active. “Once the snow came, my motivation went down. All I look forward to is going home and watching TV with hot chocolate.” senior Colleen Alexander said.

Winter blues also misleads people into believing that binging on comfort foods is a perfect method to relax. During this holiday season, they are naturally drawn to calorie-heavy foods such as pasta, bread, and candy.

Winter can be a wonderful season if this bitterness is avoided. The bright colors of Christmas lights, the pure white pigment of snow on the ground, the calm serenity of the snow falling, and the warm-smelling candles lit inside a cozy room. If that list didn’t introduce an instant smile to your face, winter must really not be for you.

Those cold winter months will go by whether you sit on your couch all season or find an outdoor activity. So, take advantage of the winter activities that Minnesota has to offer—you won’t regret it.