Justice Club hosts panel on School to Prison Pipeline

Carolina Jimenez, Staff Writer

As a way to educate BSM students about the school to prison pipeline, the Justice Club held a panel in the Hamburg Theater after school Thursday. At this event, the Justice Club aims to inform the community about the School to Prison Pipeline and the inequality surrounding it. “We’re trying to educate students about the School to Prison Pipeline and get them aware of what is happening,” Justice Club co-captain Sarah Karels said.

At the start of the event, a video ex- plaining the school to prison pipeline was be screened, followed by a spoken word performance by senior, Zeph Kaffey. The panel event, which featured Janet Allen, a special education teacher at Cooper High School; Dan Solomon, an adviser to Senator Franken; and Alexandra Fitzsimmon, an Advocacy Director at Children’s Defense Fund of Minnesota were moderated by junior Rachel Lyons and Justice Club co-captain senior Parker Breza with pre-written questions.

“Since I am a person of color, it makes a difference for me because it shouldn’t be unfair for us. Students need to be educated on what it is and know there are things that are unfair to us and not just centered around white people,” Anna Latourelle, a Justice Club member and panel attendee said.