Girls soccer challenges boys football to inter-sport soccer rematch

Abe Fortier, Staff Writer

The rivalry between the Benilde-St. Margaret’s boys’ football team and girls’ soccer team has been quite an interesting matchup these past couple of months. The two teams scrimmaged each other in a soccer game out on the BSM turf field a few weeks before school started. The boys’ took home the win with senior Chris Philbin getting the game winning goal from a shot from outside the box. Spirits were high as the group of boys started school the upcoming week. “We were way better on the ball than them, and our shots were the definition of perfection,” senior Isaac Schmitz said.

Fast forward three months later, and the girls’ soccer team is ready for a rematch. This is their chance to earn back the respect and bragging rights they feel are deserved. The game will be held on Thursday, October 6 out on the turf field at 3:30 p.m. The boys may be stronger and bigger and have more speed, but the girls have experience. Their foot skills are what will give them an edge on the boys. “We have all been playing soccer for our entire lives, and the game before was a fluke. We should just be able to pass right around them this game,” senior Mimi Burns said.

The outcome of this game could go either way, and the players for both sides have been taking this very seriously. For the last couple of weeks both teams have been promoting the game to the public to try and get as big of a fan section as possible. This matchup is no ordinary one, and should be a stimulating game.