E-Sports club brings a new type of game to BSM

Elsa Beise, Staff Writer

The Electrical Sports, or E-Sports club, is the newest addition to BSM’s extensive list of extracurriculars. The club, which meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school in the engineering room, is one of the first high school clubs of its kind in Minnesota.

E-Sports is an online gaming club. Senior Griffen Anderson brought the idea of starting the club to Ms. Mary Andersen, the Senior High Assistant Principal, and went through a lengthy process to get the club started and the games approved by the Help Desk. Andersen encourages students who do not want to participate in the stressful and competitive world of sports to join the E-Sports. “E-Sports is not all business like other sports. You play with your friends, and you are having a lot of fun while playing,” Anderson said.

The High School StarLeague is an association that offers many different games for E-Sports clubs across the country. BSM’s eSports club will primarily play League of Legends. “The game we are focusing on is a team-based five vs. five match, which will help build teamwork. Since we are just starting the club, we are just going to focus on League of Legends for now,” Anderson said.

All the games are non-violent, which shows students how online games can be fun and interactive without visual gore and intensive fighting. League of Legends is a battle based game that helps students work not only on their strategic thinking but to also develop their critical thinking skills and improving their problem-solving abilities. “E-Sports includes sports based on gaming, which do not have mindless violence like Call of Duty. It is more strategic,” Anderson said.

Anderson hopes that the club will continue to grow, and that the students do not abuse their right to have computer games on their laptops. “I don’t want to have to shut it down because there was that one guy who decided to play it during class,” Anderson said.

Anderson has many more goals for the club and its members. “Another goal I have is for people to stick with it even if their first few games aren’t that fun. It’s difficult to start out with, but once you learn the basics of the game, then you are good to go,” Anderson said.