New teachers attend Lasallian workshop

Morgan Matson, Staff Writer

The students of BSM may have noticed the absence of many teachers, and an increase of substitute teachers on Monday. The new teachers were attending a workshop, where all of the Lasallian high school ministries in the metro area gathered together to be trained in on the Lasallian ways.

The workshop was held at DeLaSalle high school, where nine new BSM teachers attended. At the workshop there were various sessions where the teachers learned about the story of St. John Baptist De La Salle, the Lasallian language, and the twelve virtues of a teachers (given by St. John Baptist De La Salle).

Mrs. Becca Meagher, new teacher mentor, found this an important and beneficial experience. “I believe that it is important for all our teachers to be educated, and understand the Lasallian way, especially now since BSM is an official Lasallian school,” Mrs. Meagher said.