BSM reverts to traditional standardized tests, ACT Aspire cancelled

Tommy McGinn , Staff Writer

After a failed attempt to bring the ACT ASPIRE Test online last Tuesday, the BSM administration announced Wednesday to students that the school will go back to the EXPLORE and PLAN tests that have been administered for years.  These tests will take place on the regularly scheduled date of Wednesday, October 15.

At an ACT Conference on Monday, the administration was told that they could go back to the ACT and PLAN tests, and despite the ACT pushing for standardized testing to go online, BSM decided to go with the more traditional and familiar format.  “At the conference on Monday, we were told that it was an option in the state of Minnesota that we could still do the EXPLORE and PLAN tests, so once we received the tests, we decided to make the change yesterday,” Assistant Principal Ms. Nicole Rasmussen said.