“The Maze Runner” satisfies moviegoers by sticking to the novel


photo credit: ia.media-imdb.com

Director, Wes Ball, created a visual masterpiece that was just as thrilling as the novel.

Jimmy Youngblut, Staff Writer

Often the book to movie universe receives the wrong kind of vibe, with various critiques that the movie doesn’t follow the book, plot points are left out, and last but certainly not least the characters aren’t as the readers have envisioned them to be. However, in the case of “The Maze Runner,” the movie created a happy medium that nailed the necessary plot points. The characters and their actor portrayals are stellar, and the plot follows the book and remains intense and engaging throughout the film.

Based on the novel by James Dashner, “The Maze Runner” takes place in a large, ever changing maze, in which teenagers wake up remembering nothing about their personal identities.

The movie opens with the protagonist of the adventure, Thomas, a sixteen-year-old that cannot remember anything except his name. He wakes up in a box, with nothing but the dull sounds of an elevator. When the box finally opens Thomas is inside the Glade: the small grassland area in the center of a maze. Thomas possesses likable and relatable qualities that push viewers to become attached to him. Additionally his character’s personality and description stands out compared with the other characters in the film.

Upcoming director, Wes Ball, was the mastermind behind this edge of the seat thriller. The combination of great camera angles and riveting scenes creates a film that keeps the viewers asking what’s going to happen next.

Through camera angles and light manipulation, the setting of the story is a world of mystery and wonder. The visual effects aid in the struggle to bring the vision of the novel to life through film. Contributing to the intensity of the movie is the soundtrack that allows the audience to tremble with anticipation.

The actors play and conform to their characters from the book wholeheartedly, making it easy to become attached and to differentiate between the stars of the film. The actors use the characters descriptions and their personalities to bounce off of each other creating a powerful chemistry that shines through the characters and adding to the realism of the film.

This intense action flick is one that will excite all audiences. The combination of clever humor, an intriguing plot, and mystery makes this film one for anyone seeking an adventure, and is sure to have moviegoers rushing back again and again.