Justice club grows, takes on new challenge

Libby Grygar, Staff Writer

Following the success of the Justice Club advocating for women’s equality in the workplace last year, this semester, the group has decided to focus on ending the school to prison pipeline system. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, the school to prison pipeline system criminalizes minor infractions of school rules, which mainly affects minority students in that they are given harsher punishments than their majority counterparts.

Justice Club is co-chaired by seniors Parker Breza and Sarah Karels with their mission being dedicated to making changes in systems and creating a lasting impact. The club now has over fifty active members making it one of BSM’s fastest growing clubs. “We’ve got a great group this year and it’s really cool to see everyone’s excitement around making these kinds of efforts towards policy changes in both legislations and in public education,” sophomore Elizabeth Kupchella said.