Students use past to create opportunity for girls to connect in present


Reviving Dayesye captains use the traditions of St. Margaret’s Academy to bring the female students of BSM together.

Elsa Beise, Staff Writer

A group of about twenty girls sit in Ms. Klister’s room chatting about the day’s agenda while consuming various snack foods and relaxing after a long, stressful day of school; for those involved in the club Reviving Dayesye, this is considered a regular Thursday.

Reviving Dayesye, previously known as Reviving Ophelia, has been an open and welcoming community for many girls at BSM. “It’s a great place for girls after school to relax and meet new people,” Junior captain Anna Von Kampen said.

The club, which meets twice a month both on and off school grounds, creates many opportunities for young women to talk about what is going on in their lives and participate in activities including crafts, baking, and sledding.

The all-girl group has changed in many ways since last year. Having been called Reviving Ophelia in the past years, the club felt it was time to bring a blast from the past and change its name to “Reviving Dayesye,” which was the title of the St. Margaret’s Academy’s yearbook. “We wanted to bring back the feminine tradition,” Von Kampen said.

The student captains of Reviving Dayesye, Anna Von Kampen, Sabrina Ehrmantraut, Sophia Wolf, and Sarah Randall, were the advocates for the name change. “A lot of BSM is based on Benilde High School’s traditions and we want to bring back the traditions of St. Margaret’s Academy,” Von Kampen said.

Reviving Dayesye is always looking for new members. “The more members there are, the more meaningful the conversations are and the more fun we all have,” Von Kampen said.

One of the ways that they are trying to recruit members this year is by handing out fliers to freshmen girls that explain what the club is and basic information about it. This is one way that the club can raise interest among potential members and new students. “Everyone needs to find a place and a passion at BSM. I think Reviving Dayesye can be a place where students can feel comfortable with who they are” Mrs. Anderson, the adviser for the club said.

Anyone interested in joining this club should talk to Mrs. Anderson or any of the four captains. Reviving Dayesye is hoping to increase the number of members this year and create a larger community of girls that enjoy being together and having fun.