Seven new members inducted into the BSM Athletic Hall of Fame


Emily Larson

The new members celebrated their induction at the Minikahda Club.

Libby Grygar, Staff Writer

Playing a sport at Benilde-St. Margaret’s takes dedication, perseverance, and talent; to be involved as a coach can be even more taxing. However, there are seven athletic alums who have generously shared these gifts with the BSM community. On September 12, 2014, Jim Joranger ‘59, Ron Kretsch, Art Moore ‘66, Jeff Rohat-Boeser ‘71, Paul Hazuka ‘75, Jill Somers Riverso ‘77, Peppy Kemp Kratz ‘78, and Pat Kocourek ‘85 were inducted into the Benilde-St. Margaret’s Athletic Hall of Fame at the Minikahda Club.

This honor isn’t given to just any BSM athlete, coach, or personnel, the qualifications are extreme. “Athletes must have graduated 10 years or more to be considered. A coach has to be retired 5 years or more to be considered,” Mr. Jerry Pettinger, Athletic Director of BSM, said.

Along with the time qualifications, the nominees must have also made significant contributions to BSM’s athletic history.

Seven alums have been nominated and chosen to receive this esteemed title. “We have a Hall of fame committee that considers what they did at Benilde-St. Margaret’s and what they did during their athletic career post Benilde-St. Margaret’s,” Pettinger said.

After nominations are submitted via the BSM website or to Mary Fran O’Keefe, the committee reviews them and carefully selects the people they feel are most deserving.

The Athletic Hall of Fame was created last year, and nine members were inducted. “The school has a long history or tradition to not have a athletic Hall of Fame. It was something that was missing,” Pettinger said.

The Hall of Fame plaque will soon be hung right outside the Haben, an inspiration for all student athletes who aspire to bring greatness to the BSM community.