Campus Minister Performs at Opening Mass

Madison Hicks, Social Media Manager

On September 3, 2014 BSM held its first Mass of the year, including a performance by Mr. Stephen Schmidt, one of the school’s new campus ministers.  “I wanted to not only perform, but to lead; there is a huge difference between the two,” said Schmidt.  “Performing is having all the attention on you because of what you are doing, and leading is making what you’re doing for everyone else, and is extremely difficult to do.”

As a new member to the BSM family, Schmidt chose music as a means of expressing himself towards the faculty and students.  “The thing that I am most grateful for was that I learned my gift of music from my dad,” Schmidt says.  The song that he played, “Indian Moon” by State Radio, had special meaning to Schmidt, and connected to the students and the first Mass. “I learned the song 8 years ago, and it is probably the song I never stop listening to. It really spoke to the situation at the first Mass, about how we were all coming together as a community and a family,” said Schmidt.