Student body attends Catholic Schools Week presentation

Hannah Scherer, News Editor

Sounds of motivation and hardcore rock, filled the Great Hall this morning as the Benilde-St.Margaret’s student body attended a presentation from motivational speaker Mike Patin, as well as a brief performance from seniors JJ Monroe and Lars Oslund during an extended homeroom this morning.

Patin, hailing from Louisiana, has been speaking publicly for 24 years, using his passion for educating young minds to promote sharing a relationship with God and bring energy to schools across the country. Throughout the presentation, Patin demonstrated his belief that even busy teenagers can make time for religion through the use of student volunteers and real-world applications.

Along with Patin’s presentation came a performance from Oslund and Monroe, both of whom are in the three-man band “Falling From Friday.” The senior boys performed a medley of both their songs and a few famous tracks with Oslund playing the drums and Monroe playing guitar. “I felt less nervous [than usual] because at regular gigs, we perform original songs and feel more judged, but a medley makes you feel a bit more secure,” Oslund said.