Apotheosis goes to online format

Mark Falls, Staff Writer

As the artistic community at BSM grows, the need for a place to display artwork to the school continues to grow as well. In order to accommodate this growing need, Apotheosis is coming back this year completely new.

Apotheosis began a couple years ago, starting out as a book, but this year’s edition will be published online to encompass more forms of art––such as music and film––allowing more students to submit a wider variety of mediums. “This year’s edition is completely different from the past, and something we are all really excited about. Instead of having a book like the past years, we are going digital, which allows us to include music and film to Apotheosis, something we have never done before. This online format will be all new, and allow us to showcase all of BSM talents” senior editor Jacklyn Cooney said.

Although not being published until later this spring, all Apotheosis submissions must be sent in by January 24th to Mrs. Leider or Mrs. Rahn. A team of ten student editors––including senior editors Meredith Koplin, Jonathan Paquette, Thomas Stone, Shannon McElroy, and Bridgit Flom––will then go through and vote to decide whether each piece will be published in this year’s issue. Artwork that has been accepted will not only be included in this year’s issue, it also may be posted on Apotheosis’ Facebook and Instagram account. “This year’s edition is going to be great! Get excited,” senior editor Jonathan Paquette said.