Hall of Honor Members inducted despite polar vortex


Hannah Scherer

Distinguished Alumni Award winner Jeanne Vonhof accepted her honor by thanking her family. They pushed her to become the first woman to receive a college degree and follow graduating St. Margaret’s Acadamy in 1970 with a career in arbitration and mediation.

Lauren Goldstein, Staff Writer

The Hall of Honor induction took place at Benilde-St. Margaret’s on Monday, January 27, honoring individuals that have given to BSM through time, talent, and treasure. “The Hall of Honor shows that the recognized individuals have been great contributors that have supported the BSM tradition as well as the greater good of the community,” Ms. Mary Fran O’Keefe, Director of Alumni and Community Events, said. Those that qualify to be inducted into the Hall of Honor have truly shown dedication and love for the Benilde-St. Margaret’s community.

The individuals that are recognized at this ceremony fall into four separate categories: Red Knight Leadership, Distinguished Alumni, Volunteer Service, and the Twenty-Year Club. Matt and Jacki Haughey, Lee and Barbara Kopp, and Roger and Irma Scherer received the Red Knight Leadership Award. The Distinguished Alumni Award recipients were John Fleischhacker ‘65, Jeanne Vonhof ‘70, and David Martin ‘83. The Volunteer Service Award was awarded to Londa Bilski, Pete and Marianne Houlihan, Kris Johnson, and Karen Quinby. Pat Krieger, Bob Lyons, and Theresa Puffer are faculty members who will be inducted into the Twenty-Year Club for their long-standing service.