Knightlife holds Chemical Awareness Week

Abe Fortier, Staff Writer

Over half a million Americans will die this year from drugs and alcohol, which is why Knightlife is promoting the eighth annual Chemical Health Week, a method of awareness for students to stay away from drugs and alcohol that is taking place across Minnesota this entire week. The council members of the city of St. Louis Park support the activities of Minnesota Chemical Health Week and the work of the Minnesota Prevention Resource Center by encouraging students of different schools to participate in the activities.

Various methods are being used to spread awareness such as teachers showing and discussing videos in their classrooms, “crash cars” being displayed at high schools, and posters being hung around the school to give students an idea of the impact of drugs and alcohol. “We participate in various activities such as handing out ribbons and stickers, putting up posters around the school, and wearing our Knightlife t-shirts to spread awareness and encourage our fellow students to live substance-free lifestyles,” senior Knightlife President Shannon McElroy said.