Arnason and Weber hold book drive

Kate Sprenger, Staff Writer

When juniors Matt Arnason and Jay Weber visited Prodeo Academy for a Discipleship class field trip, they were inspired by the North Minneapolis charter school aimed at closing the achievement gap. The duo decided to organize a book drive for the kindergarten classes, which ran from October 21 to 31.  Noticing the new school’s need of books and other supplies, the boys took action and brought the idea of donating books to their Discipleship teacher Mr. Joel Loecken. The idea was then brought into the classrooms of each Discipleship class in order to collect as many books as possible. “The books are going to Prodeo to be used by their kids in the classrooms. They are adding a grade every year that they’re operating, so they’re in need of a lot of books for all of their students,” Arnason said.