Students participate in a day standardized testing before MEA

Charlie Jones, Staff Writer

Although all BSM students will be rewarded with an early release on Wednesday, this half day comes with a catch. Each grade, excluding the seniors who are given the day off of school, will be taking their own specified nation standardized test. The freshmen take the EXPLORE test, the sophomores take the PLAN test, and the juniors take the PSAT test. The EXPLORE test is a test that is closely associated with the ACT and is given to freshmen to help them prepare for the ACT and college for college tests. The PLAN test specifically helps sophomores prepare for the ACT and for college. The PSAT is a practice SAT test and is very similar to the actual SAT, but PSAT is a little bit shorter than the real SAT and does not have an essay portion. Seniors are encouraged to use their free day filling out college applications and going on college visits.