One of Minnesota’s last Drive-ins provides retro experience

Vali-Hi-Drive-in provides a unique experience for one to watch a movie outside in the open air.

Photo courtesy of Vali-Hi-Drive-in

Vali-Hi-Drive-in provides a unique experience for one to watch a movie outside in the open air.

Going to a theater to watch movies with friends is always fun, but for $8.50 per person, drive over to Vali-Hi Drive-in to have an incredible night of watching all of the top movies. Vali-Hi Drive-in is the best drive in movie theatre in the Twin Cities because of its unique outdoor environment. Vali-Hi Drive-in opens at 7:00pm on weekdays and 7:30pm on the weekends, but get there early to get a spot. Vali-Hi doesn’t accept credit, debit, or checks, so bring paper money.

The high movie quality of the enormous screen can be seen from anywhere at the drive in. The drive-in is setup to have a rows of cars that are separated by a road. This allows movie-goers to drive up and down rows to find an open spot to park as if they are parking in a parking lot. The rows start out smaller in the front but then grow in length as one gets farther away from the screen.

Often times people set up tents, have a barbecue, play frisbee, or even play board games before the first movie begins.

— Caelan Woog

Once the movies begin, there are tons of fun ways to watch the movies. Vali-Hi plays the movies audio through its own radio station, so audience members can sit back in a car, relax, and listen to the movie through the car’s speakers. Another option is to sit outside and relax in a foldable chair, or make a bed in the back of a pickup truck or SUV. When sitting outside of a vehicle, enjoy listening to the movie through the outdoor speakers or through a portable radio just to be able to hear very clearly.

Between show times, Vali-Hi has a concession stand that offers any sort of food one could want. It has everything from hot dogs and cheeseburgers to soft-served ice cream and candy. Inside of the building that holds the concession stand, there is also a large arcade. Vali-Hi also offers a black and white photo booth that allows movie-goers to take pictures with their friends to remember their experience.

Vali-Hi Drive-in offers a great selection of movies and plays different movies every week. All of the movies that they play are new movies that are currently in theaters, and they always play a variety of movies to ensure that everyone there gets to to watch movies that people actually want to see. Vali-Hi is a lot of fun, and it is always worth a visit.