Featured Student: Eric Wilson

Benilde-St. Margaret’s students are notorious for challenging themselves with rigorous classes and many extra curricular activities. However, balancing these commitments is an art form, and no one exemplifies this better than Junior, Eric Wilson. In addition to serving as captain of the varsity football team, Wilson excels in choir, performing as a soloist during school liturgy. Wilson bridges the gap between performing arts and athletics at BSM.


Kasey Desmond

On the football field, Wilson switches between right guard and right tackle but, in the choir, he is a baritone.

Knight Errant: How did you get into Football?

Eric Wilson: I got into football because of my family on both sides: all the males participated in football, so I had a large influence as a kid growing up to play and a few of them went on to play at the next level, my dad being one of them. He played at West Point for two years.

KE: What prospective schools are you interested in playing for? What schools has shown interest in you?

EW: Northwestern, Minnesota, Harvard, Yale, Iowa [and,] Purdue [have all shown interest.]

KE: How did BSM help you reach such high potentials in football?

EW: I have had great mentors along the whole offensive line last year, especially the seniors, and Jeremy Pastir and Murphy Siminetti from the class of 2014.

KE: How did you get into singing?

EW: I’ve been in a traveling choir since third grade. I went to a camp the summer of third grade, and the person who ran the camp asked me to join the Minnesota Boychoir that he led.

KE: Where have you all traveled to?

EW: I have traveled to Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, and Italy all for choir.

KE: Do you like football or choir more?

EW: They are too different of activities to pick one over the other. It’s great meeting new people in each event and organization.

KE: What else are you involved in here at school?

EW: [I participate in] Link Crew, NHS, Track and Field, Band, Chess Club, IBA, and RKVC.

KE: How did you balance the rigorous course load you are taking along with social activities and sports?

EW: Every time I have free time during school, I have to focus on homework, so that I don’t fall behind in school. It can be really stressful going from school, to football, to choir, [with] minimal time for homework [when I’m] getting home at 10:30 on a Monday night.