Cyber Mania


Waking up and going to school day after day can only be fun for so long, as students have resulted to playing dangerously addictive games during the school day.

Since the beginning of time, teenagers have been procrastinating at school, and computer games are one of the best ways to get through the school day. KE lets you in on a few of the hottest games for playing in and outside of the classroom.


This extravagant creation was made for procrastinating teenagers. The futuristic game allows students to play online with classmates at their school. The player picks an entertaining name then begins his or her quest as a Tron player. The goal of the game is to drive a car around, while cutting off other players to eliminate them.

Bloons Tower Defense

Bloons TD5 is a great game for wasting an entire class period. This game takes time and patience to really get going. It starts off easy as the user only needs to pop a few balloons, but as the game progresses players are faced with many challenges. Purchasing various, unique tools helps pop more balloons. One problem however is that the game eventually overheats if played for more than five periods or the user reaches level 100. Unless you want a broken laptop, it is highly recommended that you stop playing this game.

Dolphin Olympics

This game was created mainly for students with the outlandish desire to be dolphin olympians. It takes no skill whatsoever, and one can play it for hours. Basically, you are an average, everyday dolphin that performs tricks to gain points. The points are meaningless in the long run, but, while playing, they are all the player can think about.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack puts students’ minds to the test as it gives them the opportunity to challenge other players on random trivia. There are six categories available for playing: art, history, science , entertainment, sports, and geography. Everyone has their strong suit, so don’t get down on your luck if you are unsure of who won Super Bowl IV or do not know the chemical formula for hydrochloric acid. Players only receive one opportunity so if you slip up the other person has a shot to test their trivia skills.


This game was made a while back, but is making a triumphant return. Kids nowadays are returning to the classics because they are bored with the mainstream games. This game can get old fast but is fun while it lasts. The goal is to eat as many dots as possible, increasing the size of one’s snake over time. The larger the snake grows, the more difficult the game becomes.

Run 2

Despite the incredible amount of determination and skill it takes to succeed at this game, it is a fan favorite among students. In this game, users put their computers’ arrow keys to use to skate or run through a massive three-dimensional course, instead of the familiar flat surfaces in the game’s predecessor. In order to soar through the various levels, players must bear a lot of memorization and concentration, because within the matter of seconds a runner could slip up and plummet into darkness.