Dedicated Sangraal staff produce and gain more than just a yearbook


Megan Beh

Sangraal editor-in-chief Eleanor Raether and seniors Abby Deutz and Abby Dryer hand out yearbooks.

Laura Lyon, Staff Writer

Deep in the north building, students work diligently at producing the always-anticipated Sangraal. This elective course, simply entitle Yearbook, offers a fun, hands-on experience to all students who enjoy independent work and capturing the events of the school year. Its fun-loving environment allows students enjoy the experience of laying out, photographing, writing, surveying, and editing.

Yearbook can be a good opportunity for students if they need a break from their academic classes and want to try something new. “The environment is always fun. There’s always music, dancing and singing—and a lot of food,” junior Katie Segner said.

People who are more serious about the class may also choose to take a yearbook camp, and students who have taken them have found them intriguing and helpful. “We listened to a man talk about different themes and how to incorporate them into yearbooks,” senior Emma Lysne said. “The man was very inspiring and motivational. He made us excited for the yearbook because he was so excited,” junior Liz Nicholson said. Along with yearbook camps, some students bring yearbook even farther into college through journalism or design.

Some students end up enjoying the class so much that they make it a priority of theirs. Juniors Katie Segner, Liz Nicholson, and Zoe Cave were elected to be next year’s editors-in-chief. “We don’t know what it will be like to be editors-in-chief from experience, but we see this year’s editors-in-chief, seniors Eleanor Raether and Mary Alice Hutton and that they have come in before school, and it has been a big time commitment,” Segner said.

It’s based on BSM tradition, but it’s also very creative.”

— Liz Nicholson

This year’s yearbook is anticipated due to the enhanced numer of pictures and the new theme. Staff members spent extra time taking high quality photos, and mastering the new layout. “There’s a new layout and we have really great pictures this year,” Segner said. “It’s way more traditional than last year’s. It’s based on BSM tradition, but it’s also very creative,” Nicholson said.

The yearbook comes out a couple days before the seniors finish their school career, which is a great way to wrap up their high school experience, sending the seniors off with memories from their friends, teachers, and everyone from BSM.

Yearbook is an overall great experience that teaches students how to work independently and manage their time. It provides students with great opportunity and responsibility that is like no other class at BSM.