Students sign sympathy cards for lost lives


Chris Bell

BSM signed a card and tied balloons to it’s electronic billboard to help show support for SLP freshman Carly Christenson’s family.

Hannah Scherer, Staff Writer

BSM students signed cards for the friends and family of recently deceased Our Lady of Grace student Quinn McManus Kirsch and St. Louis Park freshman Carly Christenson. These cards, like the ones signed in the past for Mr. Le and Sandy Hook Elementary, are made by the students to show support and care for those affected by the tragedy.

Campus Minister Mike Jeremiah and the senior peer ministers organized the making of the card for Quinn, led by senior Allie Liebl. Both the boys’ and the girls’ basketball teams held Quinn in special honor in their prayer services before their Tuesday games. Liebl then brought the idea to Mr. Jeremiah during a peer ministry meeting this week. “His family deserved as much support as they could, and I knew that BSM is such a loving community and that we would support and embrace them,” Liebl said.

BSM student council coordinated the card signed for Christenson. “When something happens to one of our brothers or sisters, we are there for them, and that’s what life is all about, that we pray, support, and care for them,” Mr. Jeremiah said.