AP Euro students participate in annual salon


Megan Beh

BSM students were invited to visit their friends in AP European History throughout the day as they participated in the annual Enlightenment Salon.

Abby Plouff, Staff Writer

Every year for the past 14 years, Ms. Green’s AP European History class hosts the Enlightenment Salon, a re-creation of a 18th century French phenomenon. In the 1700s, women of relative high social standard would host philosophers, musicians, scientists, and nobilities, to come share ideas, engage in discussion in a civilized manner, and talk about daily life. “A modern day equivalent of this would be Twitter and Facebook” Green said.

The event, which took place on November 8, is held for multiple reasons. AP Euro students are required to know about each historical figure represented in the Enlightenment Salon, which serves as a venue for students to learn about these people and their ideas. Students dress as a historical figure from the era, act as their character throughout the school day, and were given the option to present theories or readings related to their character.

Two events included in this year’s Enlightenment Salon that held special appeal to students included a duel and a dance. “Those were great. I had a lot of fun,” said senior Elle Scott, who portrayed Marie Antoinette.

Senior Jake Szarzynski, who assumed the role of Scottish philosopher David Hume, was particularly fond of the accents which he and his peers adopted throughout the salon. “Who wouldn’t want to speak in a Scottish accent?” Szarzynski said.