Paul Ryan will help Romney focus on his strength, the economy

Arthur Boyle, Staff Writer

In the end, after hate ads have been forgotten, morals have been compromised, and ideology has been forsaken, presidential campaigns come down to one thing: “the economy, stupid”. Well-known political analyst (and liberal) James Carver probably didn’t know his quip would be adopted by numerous campaigns when he highlighted the economy as a blatantly obvious key point to Bill Clinton’s 1992 election victory. He definitely did not expect the sentiments it stirs (‘focus on the money’) to define the Romney/Ryan election team of 2012.

Focusing on the money hasn’t been easy. Mitt Romney’s résumé from a purely financial standpoint is impressive; it qualifies him well for a position to save the nation’s economy. Unfortunately for the Governor, many people are looking for more. Mitt has had to flip-flop and compromise on controversial standpoints (global warming, abortion, illegal immigration) because the hard truth remains that it’s necessary to do so to win nomination for his party. Unfortunately for the republican party, focusing on his illegitimate standpoints on hot topics won’t win him the election against our current president.

The current president inherited a difficult economic state when he moved into the White House, and one claim the democratic party will continue to make throughout the rest of the campaign is: “We’re better off than four years ago.” Luckily for Mitt Romney, Mr. Obama’s speeches proved more effective than any of his actual actions last term. The only chance Gov. Romney has to win is exploiting President Obama’s track record and showing off his own ability to make (instead of spend) money.

Here’s where Paul Ryan comes into play. The representative from Wisconsin (now Romney’s running mate), became well known for fiscal reform while working on the Bowles-Simpson plan (the plan was made by a commission ordered by President Obama to “achieve fiscal sustainability over the long run“). The bipartisan drafted bill wasn’t passed into legislation, but the bottom-line is: Paul Ryan means money, planning, adaptation.

Romney choosing Ryan as his VP-hopeful focuses his campaign back on the economy, his strong point. President Obama’s campaign focused on winning key ideological-centered demographics has been working well, but if Governor Romney successfully shifts the election race’s focus back to the economy he may have a legitimate chance at dethroning the present king of the hill.