DJO Releases New Album: DECIDE

Most known for his role in the Netflix series Stranger Things Joe Keery aspires for more as he releases his sophomore album titled DECIDE under the alias DJO (Joe).

I knew going into listening to this album that it would have a more than unique sound. However, the perfect blend between rock and psychedelic pop was simply something that you needed to hear to understand.

DECIDE was announced on June 22, 2022, with the release of the lead single “Change”. About a month later on July 28, 2022, DJO announced the tracklist of 13 songs through an Instagram post encouraging fans to pre-save and pre-order vinyls and CDs. When I saw this announcement I was so excited that I immediately ordered the CD.

The album DECIDE had four lead singles titled “Change,” “Gloom,” “Figure You Out,” and “Half Life.” I believe that “Change” as the first single off of this album was an excellent choice. It really is the epitome of this album. It set the tone perfectly, as did the rest of the singles.

Right off the bat, the album has a psychedelic ‘70s style feel to it, similar to his past album titled Twenty Twenty. The album has such a natural nostalgic feel that I don’t even have to have grown up with music like this for it to make me feel a sense of reminiscence.The album as whole was full of heavy synth beats and lots of almost robotic sounding voice effects that are so unique to DJO as an artist. The fast-paced feel that this album has makes it hard to stop listening to once you start.

Though I believe that every single song on this album is a bop, my top three are absolutely, and in order, “End of Beginning,” “On and On,” and “Half Life.” I can not even put into words how much I love End of Beginning. The song focuses mainly on the reality of leaving home to pursue your dream but knowing that it will always be your home. Aside from the lyrics, this song has such a free-feeling beat that I can’t help but tap my foot or bop my head. “On and On” and “Half Life” have very similar subject matters dealing with the effect technology has on our generation.

DECIDE really shows how far DJO has come as an artist and as a person as he continues to spread joy through his music. As someone who has very strong opinions of actors turned musicians, DJO is one of the strongest examples of this that I have ever seen. He deserves so much more recognition for his music.

01. Runner
02. Gloom
03. Half Life
04. Fool
05. On and On
06. End of Beginning
07. I Want Your Video
08. Climax
09. Change
10. Is That All It Takes
11. Go For It
12. Figure You Out
13. Slither