BSM Celebrates Annual Last Mass


Carly Schwieters

Father Tim processing down the aisle for the seniors’ last mass.

Every year, the senior class is able to celebrate mass with the whole BSM community one last time on their last day of school. This mass holds a special place in the hearts of all students, faculty, and staff.

One of the most cherished traditions the seniors participate in year after year is Mr. Jeremiah signing “Friends are friends forever”. All the seniors link arms and join in song together. It is inspiring for the rest of the school to see the camaraderie between classmates one last time before they branch off on their own paths in life. “I think what I look forward to the most during Mass is singing with everyone. I don’t know it seems like a really cool way to say goodbye to everyone before graduation,” Senior Sadie Witterschein said.

Each senior class holds a special place in the heart of Mr. Jeremiah, and this year was no different. Mr. J applauds the class of 2022 for their flexibility and ability to rise to the challenges put before them throughout their high school years. Mr. J, along with all the other faculty, staff, and students had to say goodbye to the senior class one last time on May 25th. “This has been my 47th year. So 47 senior class, and it is no easier now than it was back with the class of ‘76 when they graduated. You get so close to the people and… just seeing you guys and watching you grow over the years, and then saying goodbye to you is hard, you know?” Jeremiah said.

Not only is the last mass a celebration of the senior class, but the school also recognizes all the faculty and staff that have decided to leave BSM for retirement or other job opportunities. This year, Stephanie Nitchals, the senior high school principal, announced the names of those leaving BSM. All of their dedication and service to the school is recognized by the students, parents in attendance, faculty, and staff at the end of mass. Father Tim Wozniak offers a blessing over those leaving and their future plans in life.

The last mass has been a long-held tradition at Benilde-St. Margaret’s and is deeply rooted in the hearts of the BSM community. It offers closure for all the students and staff who are leaving.