Chess Club gives students opportunities for socializing and competition


Courtesy of Dominic Argenta

Jelani Waynewood competes against Andrew Lyons in a heated game of chess.

BSM has an interesting and fun club called Chess Club, which meets every Tuesday and Thursday. In this club, students have the opportunity to play against their friends, have fun, and get better at the game.

The BSM chess club has one founder, senior Teddy Madden. He sent a couple emails to Jerry Pettinger, Director of Athletics, and he got him a room and a teacher to supervise. “I made [the club] because in grade school, I did chess club and it was a pretty big deal at my grade school. So I thought it’d be fun to have it here and in seventh and eighth grade, there was one so I kind of wanted to remake it and just get people involved in another winter sport,” Madden said.

Students join Chess Club for various reasons but one person has a certain opinion. “Well I played chess in elementary school and I was friends with the guy who started it,” junior Dominic Argenta said.

When Madden did chess club in 7th and 8th grades, there were not a lot of people in it. The group was pretty small. “Now there’s, at least on my email list of members signed up, there’s about 30 to 40, which is a lot bigger than I expected to ever get to,” Madden said.

Chess club is a casual place where people play chess against each other but don’t play against other schools. “I would say people who are in the club don’t come every time. I would say 30 people and I would say I am surprised by this number because I didn’t think that many people would like to play chess,” Argenta said.

Chess club starts right after school and ends whenever you want to be done. “I really liked that it’s not super time consuming; it’s only twice a week. Right after school is very nice. It only takes about an hour,” junior Joe Aamoth said.