The return of live music


Grace Cochrane

Harry Styles on stage in Nashville, Tennessee.

After almost two years without it, live music is back. Artists are finally going on tour again and arenas are opening their doors. For me, live music is a huge part of my life. Concerts are one of the places I am truly happy, so after two years, you can imagine how excited I was to return to places like Xcel Energy Center, First Avenue, and The Armory.

Live music is something that many people enjoy and is something that helps keep people going. I try to always be looking forward to a concert. Live music is one of those very special things that is a privilege to be able to enjoy. Being in the same room as your idol and singing your heart out to your favorite songs with a ton of other people feeling the same things as you is an indescribable feeling.

Before March 13, I had tickets to many concerts. I was supposed to see Harry Styles in July 2020 and another one of my favorite artists, Ruel. When the world shut down, I still thought I was going to be able to see them because no one knew that we were going to be at home for that long. When I got the news that shows were rescheduled or canceled, I was devastated. Live music is something that really keeps me going and I honestly was really scared for what I was going to do without it.

Although it really was hard in the moment, I didn’t realize that this was going to be a blessing in disguise. When I finally got to make it to a show, I could not have been more excited. My first concert back was Harry Styles and this was also my first time seeing Harry solo after One Direction took hiatus. The joy I felt after being back in an arena with so many other fans was an amount I cannot even begin to express. It is so much joy and excitement and adrenaline. I had also bought the tickets back in 2019 so actually being there two years later was an insane feeling. Styles’s song “Fine Line,” is a song that has helped me get through a lot. One of the prominent lyrics, “We’ll be alright,” is a saying I keep with me everywhere I go. Hearing Styles sing it while I was in the arms of my best friend realizing we were alright and we got through everything to be in that moment was the most insane feeling ever.

The following week, I had another Harry show in Nashville, Tennessee. Crazy, I know. The thing was, I had so much money saved up from the pandemic and not having anything to really spend it on and live music is one of my favorite things ever. I got to enjoy the concert with one of my best friends who I actually met through Styles. I then was so lucky to be able to travel to New York City for the Harryween: Fancy Dress Party. Harryween was a special Harry show that took place on October 30 and 31.

Concerts are one of the only places I really feel at home, especially Harry concerts. I’m in a room with someone who I have looked up to since I was 6 and with people I have met through him and people who are all there for the same reasons I am.

Now that Omicron is raging, live music is taking a slight break again but once it starts back up, I highly recommend to get back that out there and enjoy what we lost for so long.