When is it the right time to celebrate Christmas?


Brook Wenande

When do you put your Christmas tree up for the year?

Every holiday season there is always the argument of when you should start celebrating Christmas and when you should stop celebrating. The big question is should you start celebrating at the beginning of November, end of Thanksgiving, or all year round.

I know we all have that one friend who is always ready for christmas. They listen to Christmas music during the summer and always have items on their Christmas list. Although I love the spirit of Christmas, I do not want Christmas during the summer. Christmas is a special time of year that should only be celebrated from the first of November to the day of Christmas.

I think Thanksgiving and Christmas really go hand in hand. It’s the holiday season, meaning you should be able to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s all together. Right now if you walk into a store you will find fall decorations, winter decorations, and New Year’s decorations. If you’re telling me that you shouldn’t be celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, then why should I be able to buy Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. I feel like every holiday season we should just set up Christmas decorations at the beginning of November. Why should we even bother to decorate for fall if we are just going to take them down right away? I like being able to sit down for a nice Thanksgiving meal and look up at the tree to remind myself of the next upcoming holiday.

I have always been confused on when you should stop celebrating Christmas and start putting your decorations away. Are you supposed to stop the day after Christmas or are you supposed to wait a few days before you start putting away the decorations. Once Christmas Day is over, I feel like people are kind of done with Christmas because you no longer have anything to look forward to. But who wants to spend the day after Christmas putting away all of the decorations. It also depends on if we are talking about outside decorations or inside decorations. Outside decorations should be up for the rest of the winter. I spend so much time hanging up all of the lights that I want to be able to enjoy them for a long period of time.

Overall, I think that ideally Christmas decorations should start at the beginning of November, and run until after New Years. However,it is the holiday season and if people choose to decorate before or after thanksgiving, I support them on their decision, because it is their decorations after all.