BSM should offer a wider variety of course options


Julia Schwartz

The BSM course offerings need an update.

Benilde-St. Margaret’s has many different kinds of courses to offer at BSM. However, I think BSM could do a better job of having more courses that teach you things you need to know in the future, such as how to do your taxes, workshop classes, or cooking classes. Those kinds of courses could be just as important or interesting as taking an art or choir class. Students should have the option to take some of these “life skills” courses at any point in their high school career, even as freshmen.

I also don’t think you should have to take gym class if you are in a sport. If a student is doing a sport after school they should be able to take the time during that gym class to do homework or take another class they are interested in because they will be getting physical exercise after school.

While there are gaps in the course offerings and requirements at BSM, some departments have been successful in capturing student interest. The theology department allows you to choose if you want to take the more traditional class or you can take a more discussion based class. This is a good idea because being taught how to express your opinion through discussion is a good skill to have, but some students may not be interested in having discussions in class. The discussion based class also teaches you how to get out of your comfort zone to express your point of view on a variety of topics.

I think BSM offers many different types of classes but I think they could give students a few more options.”

— Julia Schwartz

Some of my favorite courses at BSM are the English department courses. I think the English teachers at BSM teach the classes very well. The teachers make the classes very interesting and enjoyable. My favorite class so far is the 10th grade English class; English teacher Ms. Calli Olson does a good job at going over topics. She makes the books very interesting to read.

Another course I like at BSM is the blended Algebra II class. This class gives students the choice to take a class with a flipped learning model; students are told to watch the video lessons at home, and during the school day the students ask questions and do the homework in class.

I think BSM offers many different types of classes but I think they could give students a few more options. I have friends at other schools who have the option to take some really interesting classes. I have friends from other schools who are able to take a sign language class. I’ve always wanted to take a sign language class, but BSM hasn’t offered it as a course.