Winter sports required to pause


Alice Petty

The Haben center sits empty.

With the rise of Covid-19 cases in the state, and after the conclusion of fall sports, Governor Walz put a pause in winter sports. Walz has put in place many restrictions in hopes to flatten the curve so we can have a winter sports season, which is set to resume on January 4th. Many athletes, especially the seniors, are trying to keep faith they will play again.

Students want sports to stay occupied and ensure mental health during these hard times. Pausing winter sports and the amount of uncertainty around it can be very stressful for high school students. It is something no one has experienced before, and it has had an impact on students. “It’s had a large impact on me for sure. Not having practice everyday and games throughout the week is pretty foreign to me. I love basketball so not playing makes me sad,” senior basketball player Charlie Juckniess said.

I understand why the season was delayed but I am still very sad about the decision because our senior season may be cut short”

— Charlie Juckiness

With all of the rinks, gyms, and team practices shut down, working to keep skills sharp and staying in touch with teammates is very important to many of the winter sport athletes. “It was really hard at first, but I’ve found ways to stay connected with my team and stay in shape during this pause,” senior hockey captain Abby Hancock said.

Student athletes are missing out on bonding with their teammates and the memories that come with the sports they love. Having their seasons cut short is very difficult for many, and can be hard to understand. Students miss not being able to train, worry about being out of shape, and are sad about being unable to bond with their teammates and coaches. “I understand why the season was delayed but I am still very sad about the decision because our senior season may be cut short,” Juckniess said.

The pause is very difficult for winter sport athletes, especially seniors. The athletes understand the reasoning behind the pause, respect it, and know they need to follow the rules and regulations so they will be able to start on January 4th. “It’s obviously really disappointing but I have to look at the bigger picture and understand that this pandemic affects more than just high school kids,” Hancock said.