Sophomores now given the option to participate in ACT prep


Haley Hewitson

BSM sophomores now have the option to decide if they want to take the ACT prep class.

BSM sophomores have been offered a chance to participate in ACT Prep this semester. This course allows students to take a practice test and have more review while prepping for their ACT next year.

Previously being offered to only juniors, this is a change from the way this program has been in past years. This program was offered to sophomores who are somewhat ahead in math. Students who are in Honors Algebra II, PreCalc, or Honors PreCalc participate in ACT Prep. “Students who are already ahead in math have the choice to jumpstart themselves in this program,” BSM counselor Amanda Anderson said.

Staff and faculty decided this is a great opportunity for students in the sophomore class to get ahead and feel more confident when the test comes around the corner next school year. Some students would rather not participate but others see the positive outcome the class can give them. “It helps me see what the ACT is all about. It is a good step for the development of my academic career,” sophomore Avery Junker said.

It helps me see what the ACT is all about. It is a good step for the development of my academic career.”

— Avery Junker

The program pushes the students and requires time and work. “It isn’t known to be an easy class but it isn’t necessarily considered to be a hard class. It pushes students in the areas they need to be pushed. This class will benefit sophomores in their not-so-strong areas,” Anderson said.

Taking the class as a sophomore rather than a junior allows students to have more flexibility for next year’s classes.  “I like taking it as a sophomore because I’d rather have a more full schedule now rather than next year when I have more work,” Junker said. 

Although this class is a bit more challenging than others, sophomores are seeing the benefits of this class. With changes in the curriculum, the class is more robust. They can take the ACT earlier or receive more practice before they get the option of taking the class next year as a junior. Not only does it prepare students for the ACT, but it also helps prepare them for applying to colleges. “I think it gives them a leg-up. They get to take the ACT earlier in the application process. They don’t have to wait to take it as a junior and have one less thing to worry about,” ACT Prep teacher Juno Nayagam said.