Profe Terrell takes on TikTok


Claudia Scherer

Profe Terrell keeps checking to see if one of her four TIkTok videos has gone viral.

Profe Terrell

TikTok is a new app where people can record and post short videos about a variety of topics. While TikTok’s population is mostly adolescents, Spanish teacher Alison Terrell––more commonly known as Profe––is (sort of) making her mark on the platform.

When Terrell returned from traveling with BSM students this summer, she was inspired to make her TikTok account. “I got my TikTok in mid-July when I got back from the Guatemala Mission Trip…I just wanted to give a shoutout to my Guatemala team, and I made a TikTok for them,” Terrell said.

Terrell also wanted to see why her children found the app so fascinating. “I wanted to get the app because my kids are so obsessed with it and I wanted to see why it was so funny,” Terrell said.

Since her account’s creation, Terrell has made three TikToks, and her daughter has made one from her phone. “I have made three videos: two of my dog and one of my Guatemala team and then my daughter hijacked my phone, and she made one, so technically I have four videos under my account,” Terrell said.

Terrell has decided to keep her account a secret and refuses to give out her username for any of her social media accounts to her students. “I’m not telling you. Plus I don’t even know it ‘cause it’s like 15 numbers,” Terrell said.

Despite her efforts to hide it, Terrell’s TikTok is slowly gaining fame; she has gained three followers since the creation of her account. “I do not allow students to follow me on social media until they graduate,” Terrell said.

She is very selective about who she follows, too. “I think I follow my children, and then I only have three followers myself, but I think it’s my children,” Terrell said.

Although students may not be able to access Terrel’s TikTok at the moment, nobody can rule out the possibility that it will go viral. Profe’s TikTok career is taking off, and there’s no telling where it will go.