Taher hosts sushi-making demo for students

Sushi roll is cut in half.

Every year BSM celebrates world language week by celebrating different cultures and their traditions. This year the Taher staff hosted a Sushi Demo to celebrate and teach about Japanese culture food and it’s language. On Tuesday, March 5, students watched as Chefs Grady, Raul and Weezy made sushi rolls and taught about techniques.

Chef Grady demoed a bulgogi beef roll with carrots, rice, and a little bit of dried horseradish wasabi. About 40 students came and watched as he talked about all the components that go into a roll and some techniques that can be used. One technique used for the rice is to wet it a little, then it spread a thin layer evenly on the nori sheet.

Afterward, Chef Grady rolled the ingredients together tightly and showed the whole processes, cutting the roll in half. Chef Grady explained how traditionally, people eat it in two halves and dip it in sauces, but in America, it tends to be cut up. Sushi facts were also shared; Japanese sushi tends to come in smaller portions, which is one of the reasons it is so popular.

Chef Raul cut and served California rolls, shrimp rolls, and the bulgogi beef rolls for students to sample, and the rolls were well accepted by all. Sarah Humphry, a seventh-grader at BSM also liked the sushi demo. “I thought it was really good; they had a lot of options…. I hope they make it into a plate one day,” Humphry said.

Chef Raul said that there might be sushi in future BSM lunches, but it wouldn’t be an entrée, the rolls would rather be in to-go containers in the å la carte because making 300 rolls would too hard for Taher to produce in the time it takes to make lunch.

The Taher staff hopes to continue to do more things like this in the future, and a lot of the chefs from Taher have experience in different food fields. “We look forward to this because we get to show off our skills. I traveled to Spain, France and lived in Israel for a year and I have a background in sushi,” Chef Raul said.