BSM faced many rivals over Winter Break in a variety of sports



Boys’ hockey was just one of the many teams to play rivals over break.

Being a private school in the city of St. Louis Park, it is inevitable that BSM has a cross-town rivalry in almost every sport with the Orioles. Boys’ hockey is a more recent growing rivalry, but nonetheless a fiery one.  

At the beginning of winter break, the Red Knights took on the Orioles in this heated game, but this is not an average game for the program. “Our game plan was to attack and take away their time and space,” senior forward James Norkosky said.

The game started hot and both teams were going at it. Right off the bat, it was evident that it would be a physical game—even a little chippy.  At the end of the first period, the score remained level at 0-0, with a high amounts of effort from each team, but both teams were lacking flow needed to put the puck in the net.

During the second period, the Red Knights scored first with a goal from senior assistant captain Joe Collins. The Orioles clapped back with a goal, but BSM took the lead again with a goal from junior Jett Johnson.  Early in the third period, the Orioles tied it up again and the score remained even at 2-2 for the remainder of regulation. Overtime began and the excitement continued, but neither team could find the back of the net and the game concluded in a 2-2 tie.  

As for the rivalry, it still continues. “It’s a big game and a rivalry game. Last year they beat us in Sections, and that one stung. Their fans are always super rowdy and they show us disrespect. They make this game way bigger than we do because historically they do not have continued success over BSM in any sport. Historically we smack them,” Norkosky said.  

The fact that the game is a rivalry game changes the pace and flow of the play, but the players try to not let it get to them. “We obviously treat it like any other game, but just keep it in the back of your head to win for pride,” Norkosky said.

Another fierce rival of BSM is DeLaSalle. BSM has many strong competitors when it comes to sports; however, there isn’t anything quite like the rivalry BSM has with DeLaSalle. This rivalry has been ongoing ever since BSM opened in the 1970s. The similarities within the schools is what makes this rivalry so strong, and it is especially strong when it comes to basketball.

Every year there is a full day designated to BSM and DeLaSalle basketball games. Both boys’ and girls’ teams at all levels play on this one day. These games are always played over holiday break and the players love this day and the excitement that comes with it. “The gym is always packed regardless of where the game is being played. It is one of the best atmospheres when we play against them,” senior boys’ basketball captain Joe Dunn said.

This year, the games were held at DeLaSalle, and they were filled with intensity. Both BSM and De LaSalle came into the games with strong teams and a drive to win. “Bio (the girls varsity coach) knows their playing style fairly well, so we knew what to expect and hoped to have a little momentum going into the game,” junior girls basketball captain Cheyanne Carter said.

We obviously treat it like any other game, but just keep it in the back of your head to win for pride.”

— James Norkosky

Both teams had prepared and practiced hard for these games and felt excited and ready to go. The boys’ varsity team was up the whole game until they got an intentional foul with about three minutes left in the second half. After this foul, De LaSalle took the lead and ended up winning by eight points in a very intense ending. “The game this year was a heartbreaker,” Dunn said.  

The girls’ varsity team ended up losing their game by fifteen points. “They beat us with their size, so next time we will be more prepared for their inside game,” Carter said.

Although the games didn’t go as well as BSM had hoped, both teams put up a hard fight and are ready to take them on again next year.

While winter break was full of cheer, relaxation, and fun, there were also many fierce rivalry games that resulted in hard-fought efforts from all BSM teams.