Seniors participate in PSEO classes


Photo Courtesy of Alex Kang

PSEO classes provide a rigorous learning environment for dedicated students.

This year, some BSM seniors have enrolled in PSEO, or Post Secondary Enrollment Options, to get a head start on their college experience.

PSEO allows students to attain early insight into the format of a college schedule while also earning credits in advanced programs often beyond a high school course of studies.  

The primary reason that seniors this year have pursued opportunities in a PSEO schedule is because it allows them to apply knowledge they’ve gained from classes they’ve taken previously at BSM to more advanced, college-level courses. “I really wanted to keep studying French, and there weren’t any more classes available at BSM. Going to PSEO allowed me to keep going with French and earn college credit, while remaining in high school,” senior Gabe Bauer said, who is currently taking Advanced French Communication and Composition at the University of Minnesota Twin-Cities.

Senior Alex Kang is also enrolled in PSEO courses, taking both Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra at the University of Minnesota Twin-Cities. “After finishing AP Calculus BC at BSM, I wanted to further my math education in a college environment,” Kang said.

While these two seniors have enrolled in PSEO programs at the same college, their opinions on the difficulty of this new experience differ. Kang says his PSEO classes are much harder than his past BSM classes. In contrast to this, Bauer cites his experience as being the opposite. “To be honest, my PSEO classes are not more challenging than the ones I take at BSM. The professor has been extremely helpful in letting me know exactly what needs to be ready for each day, and the workload isn’t too big. There are also only three days of class per week, so it’s nicely spread out,” Bauer said. 

Fortunately, BSM has integrated PSEO into students’ schedule effectively so that they can manage their different types of classes. Bauer is part of the varsity soccer team, so he is given free periods during fifth and sixth hour for his college classes so that he can return in time for his practice.  Alternatively, Kang is not currently involved in an after-school activity at BSM, so he has free periods seventh and eighth hour; he can leave school and not have to worry about commuting back.  PSEO schedules are effectively personalized on a student-to-student basis, making them a more accessible opportunity.

Both students feel confident adapting to their new college environment and are excited about continuing to reap the benefits of PSEO throughout the remainder of the year.