Girls’ hockey went to Duluth for scrimmages

The girls’ hockey trip has been a long-lasting tradition for BSM. Since the trip was during the girls tryouts, the coach split his first draft of JV and Varsity apart, and the Varsity attended the trip. On November 3rd, the girls made the trip to Duluth to play scrimmages and visit the University of Minnesota Duluth. “We usually get to scrimmage teams that we don’t get to see during the normal season,” senior Amanda Nylander said.

While in Duluth, the hockey team was able to visit the University of Minnesota Duluth. While there, they toured the training facilities—they focused on student-athlete life on campus, and how the female college athletes prepare for the games. “It was the coolest part of the trip. The coaches really helped in telling us what we needed to be doing, and gave us a good understanding of the what they’re looking for when recruiting,” sophomore Rose Beeman said.

They started the scrimmages by playing against Hastings High School. The game ended with the score of 4-3 with the Red Knights coming out victorious. “I noticed that we were a lot more energetic on the ice, which was great,” senior Amanda Nylander said. The second game was played against Eagan which they lost in a close one, with the score of 2-4. The third game was played against Centennial, and the team lost 0-10.

After the two day trip the girls came out with a tighter bond. “I learned a lot more about everyone on the team and we got closer,” sophomore Rose Beeman said.