Speech competitor Ronan Brew follows in his family’s footsteps

Regardless of his young age, Ronan Brew is considered one of the most versatile and competitive participants on this year’s speech team.


Maddie Kurtovich

Freshman Ronan Brew stands out as one of the toughest speech competitors at BSM. There are high expectations for Ronan because his mother Mrs. Maura Brew is the head coach of the team and his siblings all did speech during their high school career.

Influences are all around; some people are influenced by friends and others by parents. For freshman Ronan Brew those influences brought him to be an accomplished speech competitor today.

Triple-entered in duo interpretation with senior Josie Ross, dramatic interpretation, and POI (program oral interpretation), it was never about focusing on a particular category of speech. “I found the pieces I wanted to do and [they] would fall into a certain category,” Ronan said.

Brew grew up with speech in his family. His mother, English teacher Mrs. Maura Brew, is the head coach of the BSM speech team, and all four of his siblings have competed in the activity. “My decision was a mixture of wanting to do speech because I knew it was fun, and also because my whole family did it and thought I should do it,” Ronan said.

Having four siblings who went through speech helped him to learn more about the team. Each sibling at one point did speech, whether it be for just one year, or their entire high school career. “My youngest older brother would talk to me about speech; he really liked it and I learned a lot about [it] from that standpoint,” Ronan said.

Brew started competing in seventh grade, and even though he was younger, he felt like he had a slight advantage. “I knew what it was about from my mom and siblings and I was able to join knowing a bit about speech before and able to join without hesitation,” Ronan said.

Although she was obviously partial to her son joining the team, Maura Brew wanted speech to be Ronan’s decision. “It had to be something that was fun and something that he wanted to be passionate about,” Maura Brew said.

As coach Mrs. Brew can only do so much, but it is more about teammates teaching each other. “He was in a fortunate position starting as a duo with Mary Pat Ross. She was like a big sister and we called her “Speech Mom.” I would step back and she would take over,” Mrs. Brew said.

Because Ronan is so proficient in speech and has won several tournaments, his friends gave him the nickname of  ‘Speech God.’ “I don’t really like the nickname because I’m not a speech God,” Ronan said.

Participating in speech for the past three years has help Brew grow over the years. “I believe I am more outspoken, can show more emotion, and I am more confident especially in public speaking because of speech,” Ronan said.

Continuing speech throughout his high school career, and possibly through college can only give him more experience. “I will go to college that fits me academically, and if they happen to have a speech team, that would be great. If it didn’t, it’s fine. I wouldn’t seek out a college just for speech,” Ronan said.