BSM football team players bleach hair for state tournament

This year the BSM football team has been making big changes: a new state division, new players and most recently new hair. In light of making it to the State Tournament the boys knew they had to do something to celebrate. “It had to be done,” said junior Clyde Selke.

The boys of fall had several style options in mind, but left it up to a vote. “We made a twitter poll to decide between bleaching, frosted tips, going bald, and jet black. And after 550 votes, bleaching won,” senior Nick Bolin said.

The squad of the team went to Fantastic Sam’s after practice and bonded while bleaching their locks. However, senior Parker Kennedy went to a professional salon. “My mom said If I was going to bleach my hair it was going to be done well so I didn’t ruin my hair,” Kennedy said.

The players all reported spending between 45 to 90 dollars. But a small gang of junior boys surpassed all costs by doing it at home. “About five juniors went over to Charlie Wolfe’s house and we had his mom bleach out hair,” Selke said. 

Along with the bleached locks the boys are growing playoff beards, a tradition that hails from many NHL and MLB teams. No team member is allowed to shave their facial hair in fear of jinxing their luck in the next game.

The sharp change in hair color has been an adjustment for many of the boys, but also for their significant others. “At first I was sad, because I was thinking about how it will look at holiday ball and in pictures but I’ve gotten used to it and now I can’t imagine him without it,” senior Michael Doppler’s girlfriend Morgan Hovanec said.