Beutz’s Declassified Freshmen Survival Guide

It is your first year at BSM, you’ve gone through Red Knight Roundup, Freshman orientation, and the first couple weeks of school. You may think you’ve got this high school thing down. Hey, you may already have a group of friends to call your own, but you still have much to learn. Here are a few tips to any BSM freshmen ready to make the most of the next four years to come.


Ashley Ortizcarazreen

Jack Beutz has followed these pro-tips and is thriving in his senior year.

Attend as many events as possible

One of the best ways to connect with your fellow freshmen is participating in out of school events. Whether it is a football game, powderpuff, or any other BSM sponsored event, you will be able to interact and meet other new freshmen in an atmosphere outside of schools. There will always be that one dude who calls the said event “lame” and everyone loves to agree with a pessimist so people won’t go. Ignore this, in your heart you know you want to go, so be a trendsetter and have a good time.

Not a BSM Jr. High Grad, don’t be worried

Every freshman class is made up of two classes, those who attended the JR High and those who did not. At first, the blending of the groups may be rocky, but don’t worry banter between students reminiscing of Wolf Ridge and middle school teachers will fade away with time. By the end of your freshman year the distinction between the two will be totally gone as new friend groups emerge.

Contrary belief to popular belief you will not be ostracized from your community if you ‘hit that dance floor.’”

— Jack Beutz

Actually try in school

From first-hand experience, it is easy to think that your freshman grades don’t really matter, but they do. When you’re scraping by with a C+ in Chemistry as a junior you will lament that Health lass B+ you got when you had an OPEN NOTE FINAL. When it comes to GPA every point matters and you can’t be missing out on those freshmen year grades.

Go to the dances and DANCE

Contrary belief to popular belief you will not be ostracized from your community if you “hit that dance floor.” In fact, no matter how bad your dancing skills are, you will be admired by your peers for the bravery. Not only will you impress your friends, but your date will be also enamored by your slick moves.