Annual Treasure Hunt takes place in the Haben Center

To raise money for the school and to engage the community, BSM recently held its annual Treasure Hunt. The Treasure Hunt resembles a garage sale, and was held in the Haben Center on April 30 to May 2, marking the 17th year of the annual sale.

Prior to opening, students and their families were welcomed to bring in any household items that they are willing to get rid of. Students who attended paid $3 per entry, and for anything they bought. The money collected goes towards BSM scholarships and educational programs, and unsold items are donated to St. Vincent de Paul charities. Ms. Sandra Smith, chair of the Treasure Hunt this year, was impressed by the $13,920 raised. “We had 129 people pay the $3 fee to get the best bargains.  We also had a $5 bag sale when the Hunt was almost over; this year people bought 141 bags of stuff in one hour,” Smith said

Household items that were donated included gently used clothing, shoes, jewelry, art, books, sports equipment, toys, games, electronics, holiday items, and furniture. The items are priced appropriately, yet cheap, which makes selling them easy and fast. The Haben went from being completely filled with donated items to almost empty within one weekend.

Not only is it a fun activity to go to with friends or family, the Treasure Hunt is beneficial for everyone. The money collected from the participants goes towards the school’s educational programs. The parents who volunteered helped out the school and met other parents who might be volunteering. Additionally, St. Vincent de Paul, a charity in the Twin Cities, gets to have the leftover items that weren’t sold at BSM.

All in all, the Treasure Hunt is rewarding, entertaining, popular, and an opportunity to help the community. “Everyone got to help out in setting it up. Parents, RKVC, and even the cross country team and Coach Snell were instrumental in getting all our donations moved over from the storage room to the Haben,” Smith said.